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This morning was mucking out the stable day which Shyla found very entertaining. As a new bed of thick, warm straw went down she bounced around in it for the first time as a healthy lamb would do. It was beautiful to witness but her very tired legs have now told her she really needs to rest.

20 October 2021

Rain arrived in late September after being born one night during a sudden cold snap.  She arrived weak, wet and very hungry and later suffered from scabby mouth. We are pleased to say that she is healing well and will soon be introduced to her new friend, Shyla.


15 October 2021
Last week Shyla moved to the home of another of our Initial Carers. Now 8 weeks old and so much more mobile than she was when she arrived into our care, Shyla was in need of more outdoor space. Yesterday she continued her rehabilitation with Michael at Geelong Canine Fitness where she was given laser therapy, acupressure and massage. The contracted tendons in her front legs have been causing radiant pain up her jaw, shoulders and the top of her back. Xrays were taken and the good news is there is no sign of joint fusion and the bones are normal so we are still dealing with a tendon issue. Shyla will be seen by the physiotherapist twice a week for a month in addition to having hydrotherapy sessions once a week until we can get her legs fixed. She was also fitted with new splints today.
10 October 2021

Shyla spent the first weeks of her life largely indoors, learning to stand and then walk. We are so pleased at her progress and her increasing independance. She is now loving her time outdoors, learning to be a real sheep by spending time with other lambs.

3 October 2021

Shyla learning to be a big lamb, making new friends and eating straw and hay. She has taken a particular liking to gentle Fleur.

24 September 2021
Shyla, complete with her waterproof swimming nappy ????, had her 2nd hydrotherapy appointment yesterday. Kelly at Melbourne Animal Physiotherapy was very pleased with her progress. Shyla’s walking continues to improve every day. She now spends most of the day without her splints and only has them on at night to stretch out the muscles and tendons. Shyla entertained us by showing that she was as clever as any dog when in the pool. She learnt very quicky that if she stood on the stationary strip at the front of the unit she didn’t have to put in the same energy because only her back legs had to move ????
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20 September 2021

18 September 2021

Today Shyla took the next step on the road to recovery. Over the past 9 days she has learnt to stand, balance, gain control over her limbs and walk when supported. Today her carer put her in a harness and gently encouraged her to walk without support. It seems now Shyla’s brain has made the next connection – that of walking unassisted with just some gentle encouragement from the lead. We think now she will be unstoppable.

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15 September 2021

Shyla modelling the latest in multicoloured lamb wear jumpers accompanied by striking bright orange, smily face leggings and a pink scarf (that is really a dog harness used to encourage her to walk but we let her think it is the latest in lamb neck wear fashion????)

14 September 2021
At Lamb Care Australia we are always looking for the best ways to help the lambs who come into our care. Today was a first for our organisation with little Shyla having a hydrotherapy session with Kelly at Melbourne Animal Physiotherapy.
Shyla arrived a week ago unable to even stand and has made such great progress she is now able to walk on her own. The hydrotherapy session was great for her weakened muscles as the water supported her but also offered some resistance making her muscles work that little bit harder. We think it is not only the lack of muscle strength that has delayed her walking but also that the connection has not formed properly between her brain and her legs. The slow moving treadmill in the unit helped to create that connection whilst also exercising her muscles.
Shyla is a very determined little lamb who knows her own mind. We were pleased to see how well she took to this experience that was new for both her, her carer and our organisation.
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12 September 2021

We are so pleased to say Shyla is improving everyday. She can now stand and balance with no problem, compared to this time last week when standing was impossible. It will now be our focus to get her walking more. Yesterday she had some more outside time so she could see what she will be like one day. 

10 September 2021

Today Shyla had her first appointment with her wonderful physiotherapist, Lauren from Melbourne Animal Physiotherapy. We are pleased to say the prognosis was encouraging. With stretches, massages, leg splints and practise with supported walking, although Shyla will probably never be a marathon lamb runner ☺️, she should be able to manage quite well. The transformation in her continues to astound her carer!

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8 September 2021

Shyla has continued to improve the control over her legs. Today she some special outside time and met some larger versions over herself including Ben and Ruby a little lamb who is only 6 weeks older than Shyla. 

9 September 2021

Shyla’s carer had her in a shopping bag today that had holes for her feet and head to go through. This gave her support to try to help her stand. Later in the day it was like the connection in Shyla’s brain happened and she realised what her legs were for. She was very shaky but what an achievement for a little girl who 2 days ago had no hope of doing this. 


7 September 2021

Today a visit to the vet reveals the cause of Shyla’s inability to walk. The lower section of her right leg is turned out 90 degrees and the tendons on her left front leg are contracted a little. This would have happened in the womb which means Shyla has never been able to stand. As a result she has not developed any muscle strength. The vet was unsure of her future but we are determined to do everything we can. 

6 September 2021

Shyla arrived into care today. She is 8 days old and has never walked or even stood up and has no control over her legs. We are not sure what the future holds for little Shyla but we will do everything to help her gain as much mobility as we can. 

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