The Elvis Foundation

A young lamb named Elvis arrived into our care in November 2022 and quickly stole the hearts of everyone at LCA along with so many of our supporters.

The Elvis Foundation has been created to continue the legacy of this young lamb. It will help to raise funds for life saving surgeries.

Seeing Elvis enjoying life in his wheelchair, aptly called his “hoonmobile”, as he raced around his carer’s property with his best friend Stewie gave us all hope for a bright future for this precious boy. His vet and physio also had high hopes that all that was needed was time and exercise. It came as a shock to everyone when the prognosis suddenly turned as it became evident that the development of Elvis’ muscle strength was just not able to keep up with his natural weight gain. Every option was discussed in the hope of finding a solution for this otherwise very healthy lamb but sadly there was no option. The hearts of many, particularly his carer and her family, were broken when Elvis was euthanized 3 months after his arrival into our care.

Through this Foundation we hope that lambs and sheep in need will be able to have the long and happy life that was denied Elvis. A life that we are sure Elvis would be so pleased to see them have.

Total Amount Raised So Far:

Total spent so far on surgery and treatments: $1195


Lambs and Sheep helped by The Elvis Foundation


On 21 April 2023, Mabel underwent a leg amputation to remove her front leg. She had caught it in a wire fence and the damage done made the leg unsavable.
Post surgery, Mabel recovered remarkably well and was actually moving around with far more ease without the leg. She no longer had to worry about dealing with the useless leg and the pain it was causing her.
Mabel’s vet bill came to $1195.00. 
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