Initial Care

Lambs spend the first week or two under the watchful of one of our experienced Initial Carers who ensure a satisfactory level of health prior to going to Foster care. If you would like to foster any of the lambs who appear on this page, please click the Foster Me button for further information.

Archy and Charlie Brown

Archy arrived into care after he was sadly rejected by his mum at only 2 days old.  This is something we unfortunately often see in the case of twins and triplets. Often the poor mum just cannot cope with looking after more than the one baby she was designed to have. We are happy to

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Nathan and Nancy

Nancy and Nathan arrived into care after a concerned member of the public spotted them wandering down a quiet, dirt road alone and in terrible condition. With no farms or other sheep in the area, it is thought they may have fallen from a transport truck. Their dishevelled appearance makes us think they could have

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Mr and Mrs Claus

Mr Claus has recovered well from the Joint ill that saw him very lame when he arrived. Although the infection has cleared, sadly he has been left with some arthritis. Mr Claus currently has many good days with the occasional not so good one when he is quite stiff in his movement. He is someone

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Stewie arrived into care just prior to Christmas when an ongoing leg injury wouldn’t heal. A vet visit revealed that he had a very rare condition where at some stage the growth plate in his shoulder was crushed and, as a result, was non-existent. We decided to give Stewie some time in the hope that

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Jingle Bells and Dasher

Jingle Bells arrived just in time for Christmas after being rejected by her mother. Hungry and alone, our friends at Free Spirits Farm Sanctuary rushed to her aid and cared for her until she could be transported to Melbourne. Jingles was very bright and drank her bottle enthusiastically on arrival and was healthy apart from

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