Initial Care

Lambs spend the first week or two under the watchful of one of our experienced Initial Carers who ensure a satisfactory level of health prior to going to Foster care. If you would like to foster any of the lambs who appear on this page, please click the Foster Me button for further information.


Lavender has been through a tough start to life. Suffering from Entropian in both eyes, she needed immediate vet care. Lavender’s eyes are now improving but currently she is unable to stand. When Lavender came into care, she was suffering from starvation resulting in such a lack of muscle in her legs that she was

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Sooty and Clarence

Neither Sooty nor Clarence arrived into care in great shape. The underweight Sooty with contracted back tendons and the worse off Clarence also with leg problems along with a neck tendon that forces his neck to the left. Despite this struggle so early in life, Sooty and Clarence are both happy and gentle little lambs

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Amelia and Whisper

Amelia arrived into care with severe damage to her left eye that we think was caused by a fox bite. Whisper had flystrike in one of her hooves. Whilst the farmer had cleaned the hoof and removed any maggots there was still something not quite right and she was unable to stand. Both girls have

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Kevin and Russel

Kevin had been through a very stressful and painful time before being surrendered to LCA. At some point in his brief 10 months of life, his leg had become bound in a piece of hay band. Hay band is very strong so the piece had cut off the circulation above the hoof and had cut

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Blueberry and Lemmy

Blueberry had a rough start to life when she found herself isolated amongst the large flock of ewes with their lambs. To hear her sad little cry as she searched for her own mum would have touched even the coldest of hearts. Ewes are very attached to their own lambs and will rarely accept a

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Herbert and Andrea

Herbert’s energy never stops. From the time he wakes up in the morning he is on the go except for short sleeps after each bottle that seems to recharge him until the next bottle and sleep.  He is constantly exploring and interacting with the other lambs. Once they get tired and want to rest, off

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Mater and Sarge

A friend is like a star that twinkles and glows Or maybe like the ocean that gently flows. A friend is like gold that you should treasure And take care of forever and ever. – Ashley Campbell Mater and Sarge are inseparable brothers. Whether they are sleeping, eating or playing they are together. These 2

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Tommy Lee and Nikki Sixx

Tommy Lee is a cuddly little boy who loves to snuggle up to the other lambs around him. Sadly, Tommy Lee was surrendered into care because he wouldn’t drink from his mum. Sometimes lambs won’t drink if they are not feeling well. Tommy Lee arrived with pneumonia so we suspect this may have been the

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Franklin and Eli

Franklin was surrendered into our care when he was only one day old. Found by the side of the road alone and cold he was taken to a nearby vet surgery who then contacted us. How these young lambs end up in his situation is always a mystery to us but we assume that some

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