Initial Care

Lambs spend the first week or two under the watchful of one of our experienced Initial Carers who ensure a satisfactory level of health prior to going to Foster care. If you would like to foster any of the lambs who appear on this page, please click the Foster Me button for further information.

Zephyr and Zahara

Zephyr was one of a triplet and was surrendered into care on Valentine’s Day when he was sadly rejected by his mum. He is a gentle sweet boy that loves a cuddle and to fall asleep in the arms of his carer. In European tradition, a Zephyr is a light wind or a west wind, named

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Marge and Milly

Marge and Milly are quiet, very gentle girls. They are settling in well and have come to like a pat and scratches under their chins.   Photos: Nigel’s Sanctuary

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7 February 2024 This Friday LCA will undertake another mammoth journey, covering a distance of 1262km from Port Macquarie to Melbourne, in an attempt to help a 12 week old lamb called Hugo. We were recently contacted by the carer of Hugo who, following his birth, was unable to stand. Through sheer determination this young

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Bluey and Bingo

Bingo and Bluey arrived into care scared but curious. They were both healthy and happy despite some scouring and were instantly excited for a bottle. Initially, Bluey was the braver of the two and Bingo relied on him for safety. As Bingo learnt he could trust his carer he became more independent. The two of

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Introducing the tiny Button who, on arrival, weighed a mere 873g! He is the smallest lamb by far to ever arrive into the care of LCA. At that tiny size, we actually did not have high hopes for his survival but this cute little Button is going from strength to strength. Photos: Kate Perkins

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