Initial Care

Lambs spend the first week or two under the watchful of one of our experienced Initial Carers who ensure a satisfactory level of health prior to going to Foster care. If you would like to foster any of the lambs who appear on this page, please click the Foster Me button for further information.


Tippa was found in the middle of the road outside a tip with a damaged tail. She was a tiny little lamb with the prettiest face and a determined spirit. Tippa looks angelic but is very dramatic. She has an ear piercing scream when demanding attention or a bottle and will do just about anything for a cuddle.

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Gem arrived after hurting his leg. Fortunately, a trip straight to our vet revealed no fractures or breaks. Gem has a beautiful, sweet and easy going nature until bottle time when he always makes sure he is the first one to be fed. Photos: James Nilsson

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Rubble came into care after his tail was partially bitten off by a predator. Following a visit to the vet for emergency surgery, Rubble is starting to feel a lot better and his little sweet personality is starting to shine through.   Photos: Meg Milde

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Bert, with the whitest wool as soft as his baa, arrived into care very quiet and unsure of himself. Lots of cuddles soon brought out his sweet personality and his love of cuddles.   Photos: James Nilsson

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Marlo arrived into care after losing his mum. He’s a very shy, timid boy who is slowly adjusting to his new life and people fussing over him. Marlo has a lot of weight to gain to get back on track but, at the rate he drinks his bottle, it isn’t going to take him very

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Leonard arrived after a bird of prey tried to take him. He is a fragile little boy with big trusting eyes and a fighting spirit who we think will do well in life once he finds his way and a forever home where he can live happily.   Photos: James Nilsson

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When Wesley arrived he immediately tugged on his carer’s heartstrings with his sweet and calm demeanour. This gentle little lamb captured her attention with his soft, fuzzy white wool, long legs, and endearing button nose. Wesley quickly adapted to his new environment, finding comfort and companionship among his newfound friends. As the days went on,

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Maverick is a delicate little boy trying to find his way. He is soft and gentle and waits patiently for his bottle. He has a little wrinkly nose that makes your heart melt and is so tiny he is sometimes hard to find. When he is found he is usually on the heating vent enjoying

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Aria arrived scared and in shock but her feisty spirit began to shine through as she navigated her new life and surroundings. She has a love for milk and playtime, encouraging her friends to run, hop and jump with her. At bottle time Aria is in the thick of it pushing her buddies out of

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