Our Story


Lamb Care Australia is a small charity with big dreams to save as many lambs as we can.

After learning that millions of lambs die from starvation or illness in their first days of life, two everyday people, Karina and Robyn, decided to take this matter into their own hands. Together they took in and cared for as many lambs as they could. Using their own homes as lamb foster centres, they spent thousands of dollars of their own money and countless hours caring for these young lives.

As the saying goes – from little things, big things grow. Since it was founded, Lamb Care Australia has saved hundreds of lambs and now operates with the help of a dedicated team of over 50 volunteers. 

We are on a mission to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome as many orphaned, abandoned, sick, injured or unwanted lambs and sheep as possible. With your support, we know we can achieve this.

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