Host a Facebook Fundraiser

Birthday fundraisers are an easy way for you to help Lamb Care Australia raise important and necessary funds to help lambs. Two weeks before your birthday just follow the directions below.


Step One

Log into your Facebook acccount


Step Two

Click on see all and select Fundraiser


Step Three

Click on Select Charity and search for Lamb Care Australia


Step Four

Edit the details for your Birthday Fundraiser (amount, currency, end date, title, description and photo) by scrolling on the left.

If you would like to use a lamb photo, please contact Robyn at [email protected])



Step Five

Press Create and Facebook will then prompt you to share the fundraiser to your profile, invite specific friends to donate, or to donate yourself.



An example of a Birthday Fundraiser

Here is an example of a Birthday Fundraiser created by two of our volunteers who share their birthday.

Although their original goal was $300 look what they ended up raising!

That is enough to save 3 lambs!



All it takes is 5 quick and easy steps and you could be helping us save more lives! 




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