The lucky lambs who appear on this page are those who have been adopted into a loving forever home where they will live out the rest of their natural life.

Henrie and Aida

Cute little Henrie arrived into care after sadly losing his mum very early in life. Henrie is the sweetest little lamb and loves nothing more than to be cuddled by his carers. So he will follow them around and wait patiently for them to finish what they are doing so he can have another snuggle.

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Felicity, a beautiful 4-month-old ewe, arrived into care after suffering a fracture to her leg that had remained untreated resulting in the damage to the joint and bone being irreparable. Felicity was not only suffering from the unimaginable pain of a broken leg but also from an abscess, on the same leg, larger than we

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Nero is a special little boy with a personality as unique to him as his unusual physical appearance. His dear little face is as memorable as he is due to him being born with a congenital defect causing his jaw to be misaligned. Despite all this, Nero is such a happy go lucky lamb. He

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Blitzen and Dancer

Blitzen and Dancer arrived after both sadly losing their mums. Blitzen was very frightened at first. This was understandable after losing his mum following a week of being by her side. Blitzen was paired with Dancer who was a happy and relaxed little lamb. Although she had some issues with eye ulcers, thanks to the

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Sasha and Meeks

Sasha and beautiful Meeks were tiny lambs on arrival and both pure Merino. They arrived within 24 hours of each other after Meek’s mum didn’t have enough milk to sustain her and Sasha, one of twins, was abandoned. Although Sasha was healthy on arrival, Meeks was very fragile and took longer to gain her strength.

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Prancer and Cupid

Prancer and Cupid arrived just in time for Christmas. These 2 beautiful boys were actually born 3 weeks apart. Prancer was only a day old on arrival and was initially quite unsettled due to losing his mum to a prolapse. He is now a happy little guy exploring his new world. Cupid’s Mum lost interest

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Elvis was found in a paddock by the farmer, unable to move his back legs. On arrival to LCA, following a 6-hour trip to collect him, we wasted no time getting him to a vet. It was determined that he had a compression on his spine inducive of trauma. At first Elvis was terrified of

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Paige and Paxton

Paige arrived after a difficult first day on earth. That is all behind her now as she is welcomed into the arms of LCA. Paige pulls some very funny faces which you cannot help but smile at. She gazes into your eyes for long periods in a way that makes her seem very wise, which

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Tia and Lambington

The recent wet weather left 2 little lambs all alone to fend for themselves. Fortunately, they were found and surrendered into our care. Together Tia and her brother Lambington now have a bright future to look forward to as they leave the dark and stormy days behind them. Tia is a beautiful girl who is

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