The lucky lambs who appear on this page are those who have been adopted into a loving forever home where they will live out the rest of their natural life.


Little Zahara, who came into care after her mum rejected her, is a confident and independent little girl. Photos: Meg Milde

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Introducing Florence – a cute little girl who arrived into our care via Edgar’s Mission. Florence is a strong and healthy lamb who has already found her forever home.   Photos: Meg Milde

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Jed and Cara

Jed and Cara were sadly rejected by their mum. These 2 little lambs are very quiet and like to keep to themselves. They spend all day together playing in the grass and then love to curl up together to sleep. We are glad that, after such a sad start to life, they have each other

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Lavender has been through a tough start to life. Suffering from Entropian in both eyes, she needed immediate vet care. Lavender’s eyes are now improving but currently she is unable to stand. When Lavender came into care, she was suffering from starvation resulting in such a lack of muscle in her legs that she was

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Sooty and Clarence

Neither Sooty nor Clarence arrived into care in great shape. The underweight Sooty with contracted back tendons and the worse off Clarence also with leg problems along with a neck tendon that forces his neck to the left. Despite this struggle so early in life, Sooty and Clarence are both happy and gentle little lambs

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Lolly, Pop and Beatrix

Sometimes miracles happen and Lolly’s story is one of just such a miracle. Late last week, a car was travelling behind a truck full of sheep on its way (we presume) to a slaughterhouse. Slowing to stop at the exit of the freeway, the people in the car saw a little white bundle appear through

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Amelia and Whisper

Amelia arrived into care with severe damage to her left eye that we think was caused by a fox bite. Whisper had flystrike in one of her hooves. Whilst the farmer had cleaned the hoof and removed any maggots there was still something not quite right and she was unable to stand. Both girls have

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Kevin and Russel

Kevin had been through a very stressful and painful time before being surrendered to LCA. At some point in his brief 10 months of life, his leg had become bound in a piece of hay band. Hay band is very strong so the piece had cut off the circulation above the hoof and had cut

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James and Oreo

James is a very lucky lamb despite losing his mum on his first day of life. James’ mum sadly died during the birthing process leaving the newborn lamb alone in a world he certainly would not survive in on his own.  Newborn lambs cannot regulate their body temperature so succumb to hypothermia very quickly. Hypothermia

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