Foster Care

Lambs spend 10 – 12 weeks in Foster Care. It is during this time that we look for a suitable forever home. If you see any lambs on this page who you would like to adopt, please click the Adopt button for further information.


Brooke is a timid little girl who, when the bottles, appears has a huge personality change and guzzles her milk faster than anyone else. On arrival her back legs were a little weak, however she is gaining strength.   Photos: James Nilsson

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Olivia is a bundle of joy. She is a happy little girl that loves to be noticed and have all the attention on her. Olivia loves a cuddle and will even try and jump on your lap. They don’t get any more affectionate and loving than this little pocket rocket.   Photos: Meg Milde

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Saffie and Sammy

Saffie and Sammy were found huddled together at the side of a busy road. We sometimes have lambs surrendered to us who were found in a similar situation and we assume they were born on a transport truck on the way to a slaughterhouse and somehow, being so small, fell off the truck. Being found

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Kenny is a very quiet and sensitive lamb who loves to snuggle up to the other lambs he knows aren’t feeling well. Kenny, like so many other lambs, can’t wait for his bottle and to then have a sleep on the heater.   Photos: Meg Milde

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Gem arrived after hurting his leg. Fortunately, a trip straight to our vet revealed no fractures or breaks. Gem has a beautiful, sweet and easy going nature until bottle time when he always makes sure he is the first one to be fed. Photos: James Nilsson

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When thinking of the word “cute” this little lamb certainly springs to mind. Dodger is a happy and healthy little boy who is doing very well in care after being orphaned shortly after birth. We think he will definitely be stealing some hearts wherever he goes.

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Marshall is an energetic lamb with a soft sweet baa that melts your heart, he has a love of books, but hasn’t caught on that he is meant to read them not chew them.   Photos: Meg Milde

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Peggy Sue

Peggy Sue may be little but she is very determined not to let anyone else get fed before her. She will use her little stature to make her way to the front, sneaking past everyone else. We think she will win hearts wherever she goes!   Photos: Meg Milde

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Chickpea is a bright happy little lamb who is full of energy and loves to jump around. She will step on the other lambs to try and push her way through to the warmest spot in the house.   Photos: Meg Milde

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