Foster Care

Lambs spend 10 – 12 weeks in Foster Care. It is during this time that we look for a suitable forever home. If you see any lambs on this page who you would like to adopt, please click the Adopt button for further information.

Blueberry and Lemmy

Blueberry had a rough start to life when she found herself isolated amongst the large flock of ewes with their lambs. To hear her sad little cry as she searched for her own mum would have touched even the coldest of hearts. Ewes are very attached to their own lambs and will rarely accept a

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Mater and Sarge

A friend is like a star that twinkles and glows Or maybe like the ocean that gently flows. A friend is like gold that you should treasure And take care of forever and ever. – Ashley Campbell Mater and Sarge are inseparable brothers. Whether they are sleeping, eating or playing they are together. These 2

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Tommy Lee and Nikki Sixx

Tommy Lee is a cuddly little boy who loves to snuggle up to the other lambs around him. Sadly, Tommy Lee was surrendered into care because he wouldn’t drink from his mum. Sometimes lambs won’t drink if they are not feeling well. Tommy Lee arrived with pneumonia so we suspect this may have been the

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Poppy and Zavier

Poppy arrived on Anzac Day in poor shape. At only 3 days old, he was unable to weight bare on either front leg and his right rear leg so was unable to stand or walk. He had a high temperature and some slight swelling to the area around a watery left eye. Poppy was diagnosed Joint

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