Foster Care

Lambs spend 10 – 12 weeks in Foster Care. It is during this time that we look for a suitable forever home. If you see any lambs on this page who you would like to adopt, please click the Adopt button for further information.

Lolly and Pop

Sometimes miracles happen and Lolly’s story is one of just such a miracle. Late last week, a car was travelling behind a truck full of sheep on its way (we presume) to a slaughterhouse. Slowing to stop at the exit of the freeway, the people in the car saw a little white bundle appear through

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Twinkles and Sparkles

Twinkles and Sparkles were given these names because of the bright and shining personalities these 2 little girls have. They are happy lambs who seem to not have a care in the world and go about their days making the life of their carer just that little bit brighter. Twinkles and Sparkles are inseparable friends

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Monique and Geoffrey

Monique and Geoffrey started life under very different circumstances. Monique was orphaned when her mum became ill after giving birth. Lucky for this dear little girl, the farmer was aware of the situation. He took her into care and then contacted us to see if we could give her the care that he was unable

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Wilbur and Fergus

Wilbur and Fergus are two fun loving lambs who never stop unless they are asleep. If one slows down the other encourages him to keep playing. Where they get their energy from we don’t know but what a joy it is for us to watch. They are rarely apart and play, drink their bottles and

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Riley is about 2 -3 weeks old. It is often harder for lambs once they are a little older and they usually take time to adjust to being in care. This is because they have had time to bond with their mum so to lose her, like in the case of Riley, they feel the

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Steffi and Daisey

Steffi has arrived into care in what seems to be fantastic health. Slight weakness in her back legs but they should build their strength up and be okay. Steffi is doing everything a newborn lamb should do. She is happy, bright, playful and loves her bottle. Mostly, though, she loves a snuggle with a human

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Richard and Lourdes

Richard and Lourdes arrived several weeks ago. We don’t usually wait this long to post about our arrivals but in the case of these 2 boys we felt waiting was better. Every lamb has their own unique personality and Richard and Lourdes are no exception. With this delightful pair, however, their personalities took a little

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Hunter and Squirrel

Hunter and his twin Squirrel, arrived cold and afraid but healthy. Hunter was very alert and interested in the new environment he had found himself in and was quick to introduce himself to the other lambs in care. Poor Squirrel was the total opposite. He loved the reassuring cuddles from his carers and cried non

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Tay Tay and Reef

Tay Tay and Reef came into care via Edgars Mission. Tay Tay took a little while to come out of her shell but is now finding her bounce. Reef is an affectionate, gentle and cuddly little boy. Reef loves to look after the less confident Tay Tay. He wraps his long legs around her and

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