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Organisational Overview

Millions of lambs die on Australian farms every year within 48 hours after birth. Ewes, particularly in the case of twins or triplets, can struggle to care for all their lambs. This is due to no fault of their own but instead primarily to the industry’s selective breeding for multiple births. The secondary reason is the lack of sufficient shelter on farms from the extreme weather conditions.

Abandoned,  orphaned or sick lambs born during the lambing season in Victoria reach the care of Lamb Care Australia. Vets, councils, the RSPCA and members of the public are the primary source of these rescued lambs.

Lambs are placed into specialist care with one of a team of experienced carers for a minimum of a week prior to being placed with a foster carer. Following the weaning period lambs are placed into a forever home where they will live a long and happy life. 


 Lamb Rescue Success Stories




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How to help:


To volunteer or to apply to foster adopt lambs visit:

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2021 Highlights

118 lambs rescued

25 volunteers

21 foster carers 

26 permanent ‘forever’ homes for lambs


To report a sick, injured or abandoned lamb

Please contact our Lamb Carer Manager on 0493 436 446


For Further Media Information

Please email [email protected] or call Justine on 0421 492 814

Additional information, photos and interviews are available upon request. 



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