Marvyn and Milton

Marvyn and Milton are still very shy but they’re getting used to their carer very slowly. Marvyn likes a little pat every now and again but Milton still isn’t too sure about her unless she has his favourite meal, oaten hay, on hand.   Photos: Nigel’s Sanctuary

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27 December 2023 This lovely merino ram was surrendered to LCA via the Surf Coast Shire Council. Now known as Tarik, he will be desexed as soon as possible and then placed in the loving forever home that we have arranged for him. Tarik is understandably very timid, but we are sure with the help

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Polly and Old Mate

Polly found her way to LCA after the farmer found her limping in her paddock. An X-ray revealed that Polly has an old injury that has calcified. A visit to the vet will help decide the best way to treat her injury. Polly is a proud girl who stands tall and bravely stomps her feet

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Dear Mabel had an accident in her paddock when she was caught in the wire fencing. She disappeared for a few days and it was on her return that it became apparent how extensive the damage she sustained was. Wire had wrapped itself tightly around poor Mabel’s front leg cutting off circulation to much of

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Ginny, a beautiful elderly ewe, came into care on April 30. She was found alone in a paddock following heavy rain, unable to even stand up due to an infection in her hoof that had been left untreated. Many sheep in Ginny’s situation would have gone unnoticed and died a slow death alone in a

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Bonnie and Clyde

Bonnie, is a 7-year-old Suffolk ewe and Clyde, a 5-year-old wether, is her paddock buddy. Originally pets, they were given to a farmer and became part of a flock. Recently they were listed on Gumtree so we quickly swung into action to contact the farmer and secure their safety. Despite Bonnie’s growing years she arrived

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