Ginny, a beautiful elderly ewe, came into care on April 30. She was found alone in a paddock following heavy rain, unable to even stand up due to an infection in her hoof that had been left untreated. Many sheep in Ginny’s situation would have gone unnoticed and died a slow death alone in a paddock. Ginny was one of the lucky ones who reached our care. The infection was treated and she was given a warm and dry place to recuperate in along with the nourishing food her body was so lacking.
Ginny quickly adapted to life in care and her sweet personality began to shine. She soon trusted her carers who gave her the love and attention she was so sadly lacking. At 14 years of age, she was very old for a sheep. She spent her days in a supportive sling, unable to support her body weight due to her aging muscles. Ginny was happy, though, and enjoyed the company of the other animals around her.
One day Ginny’s carer sensed that something was not quite right. The following morning, Ginny had her breakfast and enjoyed her morning scratch. Shortly after, returning after feeding the other animals in her care, Ginny’s carer discovered that she had peacefully left this world.
We will never know the details of Ginny’s past. At her old age what had she seen and experienced? How many of her friends had she lost? How many lambs had she given birth to only to have them taken away. What we do know is that her last days were spent receiving the love and care she deserved. We couldn’t have wished for a better way for this dear old girl to leave. Instead of dying alone and cold in a paddock, Ginny had passed safe, warm, with a full belly and, most importantly, valued and treated as the unique and precious individual that she was.
In memory of Ginny
20 May 2023
Photos: Jane Jarman Photography

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