Polly and Old Mate

Polly found her way to LCA after the farmer found her limping in her paddock. An X-ray revealed that Polly has an old injury that has calcified. A visit to the vet will help decide the best way to treat her injury. Polly is a proud girl who stands tall and bravely stomps her feet at anything she is unsure of. Her new friend, Old Mate, is showing Polly that her new human carers are not to be feared and can actually come in usual for scratches and nice food.

Old Mate was affectionately named this by his friend the farmer who found him as a lamb running down a laneway on his knees. He is actually only 3 years old but untreated joint Ill from his newborn days has caused irreversible arthritis. This beautiful boy was surrendered into care when the farmer was looking for more help with Old Mate’s arthritic legs than he could offer.






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