Our Lambs

Each lamb who reaches our care is an individual with their own personality, likes and dislikes. Read their stories here as they progress from rescue to adoption. 

Meet Our Lambs

Rosalie 4

Rosalie and Stella

Stella is a highly energetic lamb who constantly wants to play, her favourite time to party is in the middle of the night. She loves …

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Libby and Bluebell 5

Bluebell and Libby

Possibly the funniest lamb to have ever come into care is Bluebell. This tiny tot with a huge personality jumps everywhere she goes. We are …

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Popcorn 7


Popcorn is a big boy with a big voice who has let us know very convincingly all he wants is to be cuddled and to …

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Shyla and Ruby

Shyla and Rain

This morning was mucking out the stable day which Shyla found very entertaining. As a new bed of thick, warm straw went down she bounced …

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Frosty 9


Frosty isn’t feeling very well. He is 3 to 4 weeks old yet looks days old and has something upsetting his tummy that is causing …

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Arjuna and Lakshmi

Arjuna and Lakshmi

Lakshmi and Arjuna’s playful sides have really started to shine in the past few days and their favourite thing to do is make mischief. They …

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Foster this lamb who is a victim of winter lambing

Atticus and Wicket

Atticus smelling the flowers at his new forever home where he now lives with his best friend Wicket.  5 September 2021 Wicket is growing up …

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Bruce and Walter

Bruce came into care with his pal Walter and both had salmonella on arrival. They have been taking penicillin and are both feeling alot better …

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Misty and Jax logo

Misty and Jax

Misty and Jax are very bonded. They were found curled up together and we are not sure whether they are twins or they found each …

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