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Each lamb who reaches our care is an individual with their own personality, likes and dislikes. Read their stories here as they progress from rescue to adoption. 

Meet Our Lambs

Sooty and Clarence 3 BM

Sooty and Clarence

Neither Sooty nor Clarence arrived into care in great shape. The underweight Sooty with contracted back tendons and the worse off Clarence also with leg …

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Pop, Lolly and Connie the dog

Lolly and Pop

Sometimes miracles happen and Lolly’s story is one of just such a miracle. Late last week, a car was travelling behind a truck full of …

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Whisper and Amelia JN 3

Amelia and Whisper

Amelia arrived into care with severe damage to her left eye that we think was caused by a fox bite. Whisper had flystrike in one …

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Kevin and Russel 4 KP

Kevin and Russel

Kevin had been through a very stressful and painful time before being surrendered to LCA. At some point in his brief 10 months of life, …

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James and Oreo

James is a very lucky lamb despite losing his mum on his first day of life. James’ mum sadly died during the birthing process leaving …

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Marlie and Madison

4 day old twins, Marlie and Madison, arrived into care after a storm swept through the area where they were living with their mum. In …

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MM_Blueberry and Lemmy_1

Blueberry and Lemmy

Blueberry had a rough start to life when she found herself isolated amongst the large flock of ewes with their lambs. To hear her sad …

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Serena JJ-2

Serena and Coco

Serena is a beautiful young lamb who we think will give all the others a run for their money in the competition for World’s Cutest …

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Herbert JJ-3

Herbert and Andrea

Herbert’s energy never stops. From the time he wakes up in the morning he is on the go except for short sleeps after each bottle …

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