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Each lamb who reaches our care is an individual with their own personality, likes and dislikes. Read their stories here as they progress from rescue to adoption. 

Meet Our Lambs

Gremlin reized 2


Sweet, gentle young Gremlin has just arrived into care. At only 6 weeks old this dear little boy has been failing to thrive.  Initial tests ...
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Ferdi resized


3 November 2023: Saving Ferdi “It is a small thing to help one animal, but to that animal it is a big thing” – Gene ...
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Introducing Florence – a cute little girl who arrived into our care via Edgar’s Mission. Florence is a strong and healthy lamb who has already ...
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Introducing the tiny Button who, on arrival, weighed a mere 873g! He is the smallest lamb by far to ever arrive into the care of ...
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Jed and Cara

Jed and Cara were sadly rejected by their mum. These 2 little lambs are very quiet and like to keep to themselves. They spend all ...
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Goo and Eli

Mr Magoo and Cuddles

Mr Magoo was born to a first time mum but did not have an easy birth. During the birth process he became stuck, preventing his ...
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Lavender (1)


Lavender has been through a tough start to life. Suffering from Entropian in both eyes, she needed immediate vet care. Lavender’s eyes are now improving ...
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Sooty and Clarence 3 BM

Sooty and Clarence

Neither Sooty nor Clarence arrived into care in great shape. The underweight Sooty with contracted back tendons and the worse off Clarence also with leg ...
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Pop, Lolly and Connie the dog

Lolly and Pop

Sometimes miracles happen and Lolly’s story is one of just such a miracle. Late last week, a car was travelling behind a truck full of ...
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