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Each lamb who reaches our care is an individual with their own personality, likes and dislikes. Read their stories here as they progress from rescue to adoption. 

Meet Our Lambs


Blossom and Olly

The saying “opposites attract” is true for Blossom and Olly who are as different as night and day. While Olly loves to be cuddled and ...
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Manfred and Zephyr

Manfred is a little Damara Lamb who is very inquisitive and a little bit mischievous. He has formed a strong bond with a slightly older ...
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Pokemon and Pikachu 3 JN

Pokemom and Pikachu

Pokemon is the leader of the crew and the loudest by far. He is always on the lookout for whatever mischief he can find or ...
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Poppet (1)


3 month old Poppet arrived into care unable to use her back legs. She was taken straight to Romsey Vet where X-rays showed Poppet had ...
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Sahara (5)


Little Zahara, who came into care after her mum rejected her, is a confident and independent little girl. Photos: Meg Milde
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Milly and Marge

Marge and Milly

Milly and Marge are both very gentle girls who will approach you for a pat on the cheek and a head scratch once they get ...
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7 February 2024 This Friday LCA will undertake another mammoth journey, covering a distance of 1262km from Port Macquarie to Melbourne, in an attempt to ...
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Bluey Bingo Button-9

Bluey and Bingo

Bingo and Bluey arrived into care scared but curious. They were both healthy and happy despite some scouring and were instantly excited for a bottle. ...
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Jill (3)

Speckled Jill

Speckled Jill is our first lamb to arrive this year. She is a very special case because she was born with neurological problems. Her journey ...
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