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Aura was very underweight when she came into care at several weeks old. She was starving and had a worm burden. After treatment and with her newfound love of pasture hay and Lucerne she is now a healthy 5 month old girl who absolutely loves being a part of the flock with her best friend Elka (LCA 2021) She is so excited when she sees the humans coming with snacks and if we take too long, and listen closely, we will hear the worlds quietest baaa.



Aura is flourishing at her forever home. She is such a dainty and pretty little beauty who toodles around the place like a little princess. Aura has made friends with the much larger 2021 rescue, Obi. Aura, like Obi and Forrest, is a Merino sheep. Merinos are bred for their wool that is soft, fluffy and voluminous particularly prior to shearing. This Merino trio creates (in the words of their human carer) “An overwhelming amount of fluffy adorableness in the little paddock.”

 1 April 2022

Aura is doing very well. Both her sore foot and tummy bug no longer plague her. She spends her day following Elka around. She is friends with all the sheep but she loves Elka the most of all. At the moment she enjoys the autumn leaves falling and spends a lot of time cruising around the paddock munching on them.

15 March 2022

Aura is healthy and well again after her tummy upset. She loves being with other sheep and is friends with everyone in the special needs flock including Forrest. Aura is even friends with the turkeys, especially Winifred who she enjoys sharing her food with.

3 March 2022

Aura seems to be on the mend now after her upset tummy. She has a little bit more weight to put on again but her appetite is increasing and overall she looks brighter. In the words of her carer “She is absolutely beautiful. Soft and sweet…well except when she sometimes headbutts her friend Leila”????

25 February 2022

Dear Aura started scouring on Friday and had a temperature of 40.6 which is above the healthy range for a lamb. Dehydration is a serious risk for lambs when they scour (have diarrhoea) and run a temperature so a careful eye was kept on her. Fortunatetly she was still bright and was eating and drinking. She was given a dose of Scourban which seemed to help and she is now back to her normal self. We think it was just a little upset tummy.

20 February 2022

Aura is getting so playful now and much more confident. She runs around and kicks her back legs out in joy. She is also now brave enough to have treats with the other sheep.


15 February 2022

Aura is going from strength to strength. She loves hanging out with the other sheep, in particular 2021 rescues Elka and Obi, and pretend she is a big sheep too. She also finds Winifred the Turkey fascinating, she likes to bite on his tail feathers much to his dismay.


12 February 2022

Aura hasn’t been paired with another lamb but  is holding herself well with the bigger sheep.  She  has taken a shine to one of them  and has been following him around.   She is also doing well  getting used to one of the roosters, who has been cheekily  chasing her around the paddock.


8 February 2022

Aura’s life before she arrived into our care is a mystery to us. How she ended up amongst a group of older lambs destined for slaughter is something we will never know. We are unsure how long she had been separated from her mum for as she has not taken to a bottle at all like other lambs her age. Very young to have been weaned, luckily she has made a good transition onto hard food.

Aura is improving day by day and is such a sweet and gentle lamb. She loves a cuddle, but she is also completely independent, willing and able to adventure and happily spend time alone. We wonder if this is an indication of how she learnt to survive on her own from an unnaturally early age. We can’t help but wonder what this sweet and gentle little lamb endured folowing the loss of her mum and before her time in our care commenced. Perhaps those hardships have made her into the strong little survivor that she is.

Aura arrived extremely underweight but, despite the fact that she would not take a bottle, she has put in a whopping 2.6KG in 5 days. She no longer has to fend for herself in a world where no young lamb should be alone but now has a plentiful supply of love and food and a safe warm bed every night.


3 February 2022

A young 5 week old lamb, found herself lost amongst a crowd of older, bigger lambs. She didn’t know why she had been taken from her paddock and into this crowded pen but knew something was not right. Scared and really wanting her mum who she hadn’t seen for a number of weeks, she felt lost in the noise and confusion of the other lambs.

Suddenly, feeling herself lifted up and a voice saying, “How did you get here?” this young lamb was taken away from the noise and crowd to a nearby shelter. Exhausted and quickly falling asleep on the soft straw beneath her she was woken up hours later by a gentle voice who said “You are safe now, come with me”.

Finding herself at a new home, everything was strange and, still hanging onto the distant memory of her mum, somehow fear and confusion had transformed into feelings of safety and stillness. Safer than she had felt in a long time, although not interested in the milk offered, she hungrily ate the hay and pellets put before her.

This is the story of the lamb now known as Aura who is being looked after by one of Lamb Care Australia’s Initial carers. She has a soft and gentle nature and a tiny baa. Aura loves to flop into her carer’s arms for a cuddle as soon as she is picked up.

Aura came so close to losing her life but is now safe and our very first arrival for 2022.

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