COVID-19 Safe plan

COVID Safe Plan for volunteers

1. You must carry with you:

a) Worker permit

b) LCA COVID safe plan

c) Photo ID

2. If you are unwell, we ask that you not transport for us and notify us as soon as possible

3. As with current regulations a face mask must be worn

4. Hand Sanitizer must be carried and used at regular intervals

5. During your journey you are required to observe social distancing

6. Only one person is allowed in a car. Even if you live in an area with lower level restrictions, you may be travelling into one with Stage 4 restrictions

7. On completion of your journey we ask that you wipe down your crate with disinfectant to help minimize the spread of any germs

8. Transport jobs must be carried out without stops along the journey unless the journey is of a distance that warrants a toilet break. If such break is unavoidable hand sanitizers must be used prior to continuing your journey

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