A Wooly Great Day

for the Terrific 10!


A first for Lamb Care Australia!

A first occurred for Lamb Care Australia over the weekend when we were contacted about taking 10 of their animals into care!
Sadly, the family who contacted were severely affected by the recent floods. At the height of the floods their paddocks were under water and once the water subsided their precious crops for feeding their sheep had disappeared. Much of their land is still too soggy to walk on and certainly not suitable for supporting sheep and lambs. 
This kind family wanted their lambs and sheep to be safe so contacted us to ask if they could surrender 10 of their small flock into our care. Along with the lambs came 2 ewes, one who had suffered from a prolapse. She and her 2 lambs will now never be separated. All are now in care and doing well.

We would like to thank the family for contacting us and entrusting to us the lives of their lambs and ewe.

These latest arrivals have taken our yearly total intake to 154 – breaking last year’s record by 36 lives!

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