Inspirational success stories - Heidi lamb

Inspirational Success Stories

Inspirational success stories encourage the members of our organisation to keep dedicating their lives to rescuing more lambs every year. Lambs who reach our care are often highly compromised regarding their health.  While some do not survive, despite the high level given, the majority go on to lead a long and happy life. Some, such as those whose stories are described here, survive despite all the odds being against them. 


Fleur arrived earlier in 2021 with severe Joint ill that required surgery. The surgery was an excisional arthroplasty where the head of the femur was to be removed to allow a fibrotic joint to form, thus saving the leg. Unfortunately, the surgery was bigger than we expected with the leg being so damaged that the only option was amputation. We are pleased to say Fleur came through the surgery exceptionally well and now lives a happy life with her best friend Rocky.

Without this life saving surgery, Fleur’s life would almost certainly have ended prematurely.


Mimi arrived into our care in August of 2020. She was only 1.9kgs, was unable to walk and had a dome shaped head. She was taken to a Specialist Centre where she was diagnosed with Hydrocephalus. This is a buildup of fluid in the cavities (ventricles) deep within the brain. The excess fluid increases the size of the ventricles and puts pressure on the brain.

Mimi was also diagnosed with brain damage that was preventing her from walking. Although it was recommended that she be euthanized at the time, Mimi was very mentally alert. So the decision was made to allow her to live, even if for just a short time, as long as she was not in any physical pain.

Mimi was placed with one our critical carers who only expected to see her through the remaining week or 2 of her life. 24 hours later Mimi was walking, be it ever so shakily. After a week Mimi was able to stand on her own and walk with confidence. Mimi had a will to live and a joy for life that was so evident to her carer.

Over a period of 4 weeks, her carer accompanied her to weekly appointments with an animal physiotherapist (pictured here). She also took her through her daily routine of recommended exercises. To see Mimi gaining weight, strength and coordination every day was a joy. Mimi now lives at her forever home with her best friend Willow. She is an example of what we give to every lamb who comes into our care – the chance to grow into a healthy and happy sheep.

Inspirational success stories - Mimi lamb

Heidi the 3 legged lamb

Heidi arrived into our care in July 2020. She had a severe case of joint ill which is a bacterial infection often seen in baby lambs. When treated early, joint ill is usually easy to cure. Heidi, however, was around 2 weeks old so the infection had been able to really take hold in her body. It was discovered that the bacteria was so aggressive that it had literally eaten the joint away.

Never had we seen a lamb arrive in such pain. In order to save Heidi’s life, and after much consultation with a lamb specialist, the decision was made to have the leg amputated. Following the surgery, Heidi was up and walking within an hour indicating to our great relief that the decision had in fact been the correct one.

Heidi, on arrival at special needs forever home following her surgery, lived inside for 2 weeks. She slept each night on a human mattress which provided more cushioning for her healing wound. Cleo arrived soon after Heidi and the 2 bonded immediately. As Heidi’s health and strength improved, they made the gradual change to spending more time outside.

Heidi and Cleo now have their own smaller paddock on flat ground to make it easier for Heidi to navigate. This also keeps her safe from being knocked over by the larger sheep. She now spends her days with Cleo and a later arrival called Maurice who had undergone the same operation as her. Heidi has a very strong bond with her carer who will ensure she always has everything she needs. In the words of her carer, Heidi is “a very happy girl who is loving life, oblivious that she is different from anyone else.”

Inspirational success stories - Heidi lamb
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