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Savannah is going from strength to strength. Every day her coordination and mobility improve. No longer in need of a wheelchair she loves to run and play. What a joy to see her enjoying life so much.




20 March 2022

Savannah is reaching people far and wide. Last week she starred in an article published by both the Herald Sun and the Gold Coast Bulletin! We are so pleased to see Savannah starting to stand and take a few steps on her own. When her carer takes her for a walk in her sling, she bounces around in joy like any little lamb her age would. Savannah’s newest obsession in life is the dogs who live with her. She loves to follow them around and has begun to enjoy sleeping alongside them.

3 March 2022

Following her CT Scan, Savannah is being treated for Meningitis. This is an infection of the membrane surrounding the brain and spinal cord known as the meninges. Lambs 2 to 4 weeks old are most affected but the disease can occur in sheep of any age. Meningitis affects the brain and spinal cord which is why she currently has problems with balance and coordination. Her prognosis is guarded as meningitis is difficult for such a young body to deal with but it is also hard to treat from a medical perspective as the antibiotics need to penetrate the spinal cord. Savannah has also been put on a course of steroids to try to combat the inflammation caused by the meningitis. We are so grateful to her wonderful team of vets who is looking after her.We know that if anyone can get through this battle Savannah can. With her love of life and joyful personality she is not going to give up easily and we are certainly not going to either 💕

25 February 2022

Savannah had a CT scan this week to rule out congenital brain deformities. Although we were very pleased to find out that there are no brain abnormalities, it has been confirmed that she is suffering from meningitis.Throughout her fight for health Savannah has remained a happy and extremely determined lamb. She dreams of running and playing like a normal little lamb would so we are doing everything we can to bring this dream to fruition.

23 February 2022

Savannah’s health has been a mystery to us since her arrival. Despite having such a joy for life, her temperature has been consistently high for 2 weeks. In addition to antibiotics to treat what our vet team believes is meningitis, we have attempted to lower her temperature with cool towels. Placed under the armpit where there is no fleece, this is an effective way of cooling the body. The danger with a consistently high temperature in a lamb is that it can result in organ damage. Yesterday Savannah spent the day on IV fluids at the vet to combat the effects of her temperature on her tiny body and the risk of dehydration.

22 February 2022

Savannah’s journey since arriving has been a roller coaster ride both for her and for her carer. We will keep you updated over the coming weeks as to her progress. In the words of her carer “Savannah’s strength is that she is so determined to walk and doesn’t give up.”

20 February 2022

In the words of her carer “Savannah’s strength is that she is so determined to walk and doesn’t give up.”We are still searching for the cause of Savannah’s health issues. In addition to the possible neurological issues, her temperature keeps spiking. Savannah is with one of our Initial Carers who look after lambs who are also below normal health level. As you can imagine this takes an emotional toll on each carer but our team is a strong one. Each member is determined to care to the best of their ability for these sick babies who reach our organisation. Sleepless nights and the worry of which health issues will present next is naturally a cause for stress. All our carers take on this burden without complaint, reminding themselves of the vulnerable young lives they are striving to save.

19 February 2022

After a health scare yesterday, Savannah has improved again and is able to stand and take about 6 steps on her own, a huge improvement from yesterday and from the state she arrived in 2 weeks ago. Today she met a new friend, although she did say that he wasn’t very communicative and wasn’t interested in going for a walk (all 6 steps!) with her around the property. 🥰 Not to worry as now her temperature is normal again Savannah has enough energy for 2!

 17 February 2022

Savannah had been doing well this week but, despite drinking enthusiastically, her temperature spiked at 40.5 today so she is now on a different antibiotic. As she is not feeling well she has not been out and about in her wheelchair. Instead she has been relaxing on the grass with her favourite cushion that gives her the support she needs while sitting. We are waiting hopefully for the new antibiotic to work and bring her temperature back down. We will keep you updated on her progress tomorrow.

16 February 2022

Who doesn’t love a bit of independence! Savannah is no different and now, much to her obvious delight, has a wheelchair! She loves this new contraption that enables her to manoeuvre around and enjoy the grass. Although she is still mastering the wheelchair she obviously loves to be able to move about on her own. If you are ever out and about taking a drive in the country and see a little black and white lamb speeding along through the paddocks in a blue wheelchair, that will be Savannah “Wheelchair speedy driver of 2022”

15 February 2022

According to Savannah’s carer she is a relaxed and cruisy little lamb. Despite her health issues, she is often energetic and loves bouncing in her jolly jumper This simple device gives her the freedom to stand and bounce about unaided, expending some of that high energy that all young lambs have.

14 February 2022

Savannah, our 2nd arrival for 2022, has been with us for just over a week. She is still presenting with neurological issues and is unable to walk or stand for very long without assistance. Savannah is such a laid back and cuddly girl. We are doing everything we can to get on top of her condition with the best lamb vets and experts being consulted. Savannah has already stolen the hearts of her human carers. They simply adore her and even the big strong men of the family dote on her every need.

10 February 2022

Savannah had what the vet suspects was a difficult birth that caused swelling to her head. This in turn affected her mobility. She has already improved, however, and took her first 3 totally unaided steps just this afternoon. Pictured here in the jolly jumper, Savannah loves the support this device gives and being able to stand on her own. We hope that this will help her brain to learn how her body is supposed to balance and walk.Lambs love to interact with their human carers. Savannah is a dear little lamb who, despite her mobility issues, has already developed a communication method with her carer. A single baa to her carer means “Where are you?” Ongoing bleats means “Help! I have wriggled into an uncomfortable position!” Poking her tongue in and out means “Feed me! I am hungry!”

7 February 2022

Savannah’s Xray has thankfully come back clear. This further confirms that her lack of mobility is due to the effects of the swelling on her head caused by a traumatic birth. With time and great care we hope that Savannah will be able to run and play as all lambs love to do.
At the home of one of our Initial carers, Savannah is receiving more love and attention than any little lamb could ever wish for. If love can save anyone, things are certainly looking good for Savannah.

6 February 2022

Savannah was born last weekend. It was immediately evident to her human carer that she would need extra special attention. Thankfully they contacted Lamb Care Australia and we went quickly into action to get her to one of our Intitial Carers where she was started on the best course of treatment possible.Savannah is presenting with neurological issues and is unable to walk or stand without assistance. We hope a head and spinal Xray will determine what the problem is. We will also start her on a rehabilitation programme which will hopefully assist her in becoming mobile.We are pleased to say Savannah has started to suckle and drink. She is so laid back and the cuddliest girl who loves to let you know when she wants something. In the words of her LCA carer, “Her amazing eyes look right into yours.” 🥰We will do everything we can to help this beautiful little girl who deserves to be safe and happy and have what we are hope will be a long life ahead of her.

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