Pippin, Millie and Roxie

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What a special moment with Millie and human mum Sarah, showing how affectionate and loving sheep are when treated well and live without fear of humans.

20 June 2021

After a long illness, Millie is gradually adapting to being outside with her lamb friends. She still enjoys her time indoors though. Thankfully her 2 canine companions are very obliging when it comes to sharing their favourite spot on the couch. If all humans could learn to compromise and share like this what a happier place the world could be.

13 June 2021
Studies show that animals help individuals with autism combat feelings of loneliness and reduce the anxiety, depression and fear that many people with an ASD feel. While dogs are perhaps the animals most commonly associated with this type of therapy, Millie has shown that she is just as capable as any dog of providing this support as shown in the words of her carer….
“Millie has become quite the unique sheep!!!
She thinks she’s a dog
She thinks she’s a human
She thinks she’s a lamb sometimes
But most importantly she makes the best therapy animal!!!
Because she has had so much human contact being unwell for so long, she adores affection and lays quiet and still while it’s given, which makes her the perfect therapy lamb for my son who has Autism.
It’s the little things in life we need to cherish”
Thank you Millie for showing us the love, affection and healing power sheep are really capable of. ♥️
11 June 2021

Millie is the expert in energy conservation. Why use energy standing up to eat when she can just as easily lay down?

10 June 2021
Roxie thinks this is the life every lamb should have! A relaxing morning by the lake, sun shining, friends nearby and a lovely cup of tea to warm her from the inside out.
8 June 2021


7 June 2021

Lambs are known for their curious nature. Millie is no different and is taking every opportunity to fully explore her forever home.

6 June 2021

Pippin, like most lambs, is very affectionate and loves to be scratched on the face and under the chin.

5 June 2021

A few weeks ago we weren’t sure if Millie would make it. Now she is back at her forever home with Pippin and Roxie and enjoying life. Like most lambs she loves a good sleep on a warm, soft bed.

4 June 2021
Pippin, Millie and Roxie with their rescued big brothers, Stewy and Dusty. Millie is older than Roxie but because she has been so ill she is a lot smaller and needs more of her human mum’s time as she is a bit more demanding!
Roxie is the sweetest and most affectionate. If she doesn’t get the attention she jumps up on her human carer and demands it. She loves her scratches and cuddles for sure. Pippin is the oldest and the first lamb rescued this year by our organisation. He is starting to grow horns and get a good coat of wool on him. He would be over 30kg now but is a big softie and looks after the girls. But don’t mess with him at bottle time because he has to get his bottle first or else!!


3 June 2021

Millie is continuing to do well with Pippin and Roxie. We are so glad to see her looking so much better after such a long illness.

30 May 2021

Millie in full relax mode. We are happy to see her settling back in with her family Pippin and Roxie after and extended illness and time with one of our initial carers.

28 May 2021

Millie arrived home after over 6 weeks with a critical carer. She was quite lost and scared once her carer left but after some cuddles and reassurance, some meet and greets with Roxie and Pippin, she is slowly settling in.

24 May 2021

“Ummmm Pip, I think we have been caught eating the hay for the other animals! ”.
“Well just stay still Roxie and she may not see us “

14 May 2021


13 May 2021


 12 May 2021

Pippin and Roxie have hit the lamb jackpot – a loving family to care for them, a beautiful garden to play in and the latest in stylish new matching lamb attire.


9 May 2021
6 May 2021


3 May 2021



28 April 2021 


26 April 2021


25 April 2021

23 April 2021

It is a hard life being as cute as Pippin and Roxie – they need plenty of rest to recover from all that playing.

22 April 2021

21 April 2021

Pippin and Roxie have really hit it off but they are looking forward to the return of their sister Millie once she is will again

20 April 2021

Roxie meeting the family

19 April 2021

Roxie had an exciting day yesterday when she arrived at her new forever home. She will live there with Pippin and, as soon as she is healthy again, Millie. Pippin and Millie hit is off at once and can’t wait for the return of their new sister, Millie.

18 April 2021

Pippin thinks when he grows up he may become a home decorator!
While Pippin stayed at home to begin learning how to be a home decorator, Millie has been sick for a few days so was taken to the vet with a high temperature. A Vet visit showed high levels of Coccidia. Millie was very quiet for a few days but we are happy to say had a good drink of milk today and seems to be on the mend.

17 April 2021

Roxie runs like the wind, but sitting by the heater is a priority for her as well.

16 April 2021

Roxie has arrived into our care. Although she is having some fun play time outside exploring with Luke and Coby she will soon be going to her new forever home to live with Pippin and Millie. Life is so exciting for little lambs!

15 April 2021

Pippin and Millie – best friends forever

14 April 2021

Pippin is taking good care of his friend Millie while she is under the weather.

13 April 2021

Millie had a visit to the vet today. She had a high temperature and was having trouble pooing. We suspected she may have been constipated and had an infection. While in the waiting room, one woman asked how to adopt and said she would be going home to fill in an application and another just asked to pat her and said it had made her whole day. So well done Millie on spreading the joy and love of farm animals!

6 April 2021

Pippin and Millie

5 April 2021

Life is better when you experience it with a friend

4 April 2021

Pippin and Millie caught red hooved raiding the food store!

3 April 2021

What do you think Millie? Should we take a swim?

2 April 2021

Pippin and Millie getting to know the other residents.

1 April 2021

Millie loves to play outside in the garden

29 March 2021

Pippin and Millie have had a very exciting day today, meeting their new foster carer. The energetic, loud and bouncy Pippin will live at this new home with the affectionate, snuggly and softly baa-ed Millie until they are both weaned. We are very excited that Pippin and Millie have entered this new stage of their lives together.

27 March 2021

Pippin has shown himself to be an Independent boy but is a bit needy when his carer goes around the corner out of sight. When that happens he baas very loudly until she comes back. Pippin is slowly starting to bond with Millie who he allows to chew on his ears. He is a super energetic boy in contrast to the quieter Millie.

25 March 2021

Although Millie wasn’t well when she arrived into care, she is slowly regaining her strength. A little wobbly on her legs at first, she is slowly getting used to them now. We are happy to see a real bond starting to develop between Millie and her friend Pippin. While Pippin is a high energy lamb who likes to bounce around everywhere, Millie does the occasional hop while she is gaining a better sense of balance. Millie loves to chew on Pippin’s ear, which he seems to enjoy, and to suck on her carer’s fingers. She loves to sleep and will snuggle up anywhere for a nap.

24 March 2021

Pippin loves drinking from any water bowl he can find, especially if that bowl belongs to a chicken. He is always on the go and the clever boy has learnt how to break out when confined to his pen and to go in search of treats or milk. Pippin is a wriggler and doesn’t really like cuddles as much as his new friend Millie does. His exuberant energy levels sometimes see him bowl over Millie when he is bouncing around the garden as she is still getting used to her legs. He is a lovable but cheeky little boy who finishes his milk super quick then tries to knock Millie’s bottle out of our hand so he can finish off her milk too.

20 March 2021

Millie is gradually finding her feet and isn’t as active as her new friend Pippin. She needs a little help with her bottle but despite this is drinking well.

18 March 2021

Pippin has recovered from his bout of Joint Ill and is proving to be a very noisy lamb who likes to use his voice. He doesn’t care if it is 2am and everybody else is trying to sleep. Despite his love of the sound of his own voice, his carer loves his boisterous nature and watching him chase the chickens around the garden, bouncing with excitement and the joy of being alive. Today Pippin’s world brightened even more with the arrival of his new friend, Millie, whose health has continued to improve with her becoming more active.

16 March 2021

Millie had been lovingly cared for for 5 days when she became really sick. The people who had been caring for her agreed to surrender her into our care as she needed urgent treatment. Following a long journey he arrived into our care. Although we were at first concerned about her poo (one of the first things we check for signs of any ill health in lambs) it was soon determined that Millie was very dehydrated. Once her hydration levels improved so did her overall health.

12 March 2021

Pippin has been in our care for 2 days now. Although he came into care with no signs of ill health he has developed Joint Ill. Considering how quickly we were able to diagnose this, we are confident that this will soon be fixed with the use of antibiotics.

10 March 2021

We are pleased to announce the arrival of our first lamb for 2021. Pippin came into our care after a member of Lamb Care Australia saw a post on facebook group about a lamb who had been dumped at a truck stop in Macarthur. The kind person who had rescued him was not able to continue to care for him so contacted us. We think he had probably fallen from a truck on the way to a saleyard or slaughterhouse.

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