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Imagine being on your own at only a few days old in a big, strange world with no one you recognise and no mum to take care of you. This is the position our latest arrival, little Patrick Lamb, found himself in this week. We don’t know why he was orphaned or what happened to his mum. We do know that Patrick needed saving and that is exactly what we did when we saw him advertised on Gumtree. Knowing that if we didn’t act quickly this young life could have ended up in the hands of anyone! After responding to the ad we secured his surrender from the farmer. We were very pleased to find him a healthy lamb of just a few days old. As expected, Patrick was unsettled on arrival and seemed bewildered and lost. In the hands of one of our experienced Initial Carers, Patrick soon realised that he was safe and had nothing to fear. Not wanting to be left alone, he has received lots of cuddles and milk to reassure him and make him feel safe and loved.


Patrick is very independant. Although he is happy being with humans he can also be left to happily do his own thing. The peacefulness of these photos does not do justice to his favourite activity – that of running around and kicking his legs in the air. He also does the fastest lamb zoomies ever!


Patrick thinks these human heaters are hot stuff! 😍 Born as the weather is starting to reach single digits overnight, Patrick now thinks no heater can be too warm. He keeps a close eye on the one he now lives with to make sure that it is well stocked with wood. We are so pleased that Patrick is doing well and has settled into his new environment. What a great life he has to look forward to!

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