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To Enter Our Competition:

Link The Lamb Fundraising Goal:

  1. Select a donation amount to play
  2. Study each lamb photo
  3. Choose a personality that matches the lamb
  4. Write down the name of the lamb and the number of the matching description 
  5. Using the subject line “Let’s Play Link the Lamb”, email your entry to Robyn at [email protected].
  6. Please include your full name and mailing address in the email so that the prize can be posted to the winner

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Lamb Photos


Lamb Personalities

Lamb 1 I was told I was possibly the funniest lamb to have ever come into care,  a tiny tot with a huge personality who jumped like a goat everywhere and wear jumpers that matched my name. . My carer described me as pure sunshine. 

Lamb 2 I was  a big lamb with a big voice who let us know very convincingly all I wanted was to be cuddled and to feel safe. I loved outside time in the garden and to sit amongst the flowers as long as my carer was there with me.

Lamb 3 I was a gentle, docile and quiet lamb who likes to just potter around. Despite my quietness, I enjoyed playing around and having some silly time. 

Lamb 4 I was told I had a free spirit – a very brightly colourful, outgoing and funny nutcase, full of energy and on the go all the time, loving to jump and have human attention, especially at bedtime when I enjoyed a Goodnight snuggle.  

Lamb 5 I had some attitude and was very happy, playful, and bouncy.  Life was a game to me and my favourite habit was cannonballing onto other lambs so I was always looking behind me to make sure no one was going to do the same! Despite my bright personality and happy face,  I was also a bit reserved with people and discovered the art of finding the comfiest spot, plonking myself down and falling soundly asleep. 

Lamb 6 I weighed just over 2kgs on arrival but despite this I was full of attitude,  a little bit sassy considering my tiny stature and had a dark sense of humour. Although I loved to bounce and jump around, I was also sometimes quite serious and intense. 

Lamb 7 I was  a very placid, peaceful lamb who just fitted  into whatever was going on around me. I was sensitive, cuddly, and emotional – an old soul with a cruisy personality who unusually preferred to not wear jumpers. I made it clear that if it was wet I didn’t want to go outside, preferring instead to stay inside by the warm heater. 

Lamb 8 I was initially an anxious lamb but soon became a happy lamb with a lovely nature. Loving to bounce in the air as high as I could go, I was told that I was a unique and quirky lamb and that I could often be found sitting outside staring contentedly off into space. 

Lamb 9 I was so scared, hungry and anxious on arrival but soon became a very content, quiet lamb once I realised I was safe and loved. I spent my days eating hay or grass or getting dirty chasing the rabbits and birds who came too close to my home. 

Lamb 10 I loved playing outside in the garden with my friends and to annoy my carer by chewing the flowers from the plants that were overgrowing in our garden. I was a little clingy and loved pats and cuddles. 

The Winning Entry

This competition is a game of skill where chance plays no part in the final selection of the Prize winner. The winner will be determined by the highest number of correct answers. Should there be more than one entry with an equal highest number of correct answers, then the winner will be determined by the date and time on the email received. The winner will receive a collection of Lamb Care Australia merchandise items including a Candle, Reusable Cup, Keyring, Calendar, Bookmark and Bumper Sticker.

The competition will be open from Monday 15/11 at 8am – Sunday 21/11 at 5pm. The winner will be notified on Monday 22/11 at 5pm via email and announced on the Lamb Care Australia Facebook page and Website News and Events page.

The Competition is open to entrants residing in Australia. Proof of residency may be required. Lamb Care Australia Committee Members, Ordinary Members and Operations Team and their immediate family members are ineligible to enter. Entries must comply with these conditions to be valid. All entries must be original and incomplete entries will be ineligible to win the prize.

Please read our Terms and Conditions for this competition before submitting your answers. 

Thank you once again for supporting Lamb Care Australia

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