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Betsy and Asha

Betsy came from a very loving family but due to her low birth weight and difficulty taking the bottle she was released to LCA for some special care. Betsy is a tiny girl who tries her hardest to keep up with the bigger lambs. She is drinking well and her level of cuteness is off

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Priscilla and Bear

Priscilla is a super sweet girl who arrived on the day of her birth weighing 6.2kg! Although Pricilla loves her bottle and is a strong girl she is wary of the other lambs right now but not of the family dogs who look out for her and make her feel right at home. Bear had

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Craig and Neil

Craig and Neil arrived together in a group of 5 lambs on a cold, wintery night. While Craig was in good shape and was bright and alert, Neil was feeling very sorry for himself due to a case of Entropian. We absolutely love Craig’s big ears!     Photos: Kate Perkins and Gayle Davis

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Oliver and Jet

Oliver and Jet arrived into care over the weekend. They are 2 of triplets and sadly their mum couldn’t manage to care for all 3 of her children so Oliver and Jet were removed. We can’t imagine what their mum must have felt seeing her 2 babies leave but we hope she knows they were

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Jimmy and Tate

Jimmy’s very loud and is the funniest, most demanding little dude ever. Everything he does is so cute. He’s extremely confident and was so even when he was only two kilos amongst eight kilo lambs. Jimmy was premature with health issues. His growth plates haven’t closed, probably because he was premature, causing contracted tendons. So, he

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Sebastian and Karac

Sebastian came into care when he was only 24 hours old. He quickly found comfort in the heating duct. Karac came into care after he lost his mum to a prolapse. Karac has parrot mouth (where the upper and lower jaw do not meet at the correct place) but is able to drink without any

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Mozart and Yuki

Yuki and Mozart are beyond adorable. Yuki is doing really well – she is loud, proud and knows how to have fun. Mozart still has some niggling health issues but he is overcoming them a day at a time. He is such a strong and resilient boy. Yuki and Mozart love adventuring together and have

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Zen came into care unable to stand up. Her tail had become infected where she had been banded and the infection had spread to her joints resulting in Joint ill. Zen’s legs nave been swollen and painful to walk on but he is being treated with antibiotics so should recover soon. For more information on

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Dear little Winnie has many health issues to contend with.  She is having leg problems which we will investigate to try to find out the cause. Despite these early set backs in her short life, Winnie has a very special spirit and is not afraid to tell us what she wants. Photos: Letitia Green

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