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Lilly, who was one of twins and weighing only 3.4kg, arrived last week. She had found herself in trouble when a bird of prey tried to pick her up in their powerful talons. As a result poor Lilly has a wound on her head and an ulcer on her eye. Lilly is a dear little

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Paige and Paxton

Paige arrived after a difficult first day on earth. That is all behind her now as she is welcomed into the arms of LCA. Paige pulls some very funny faces which you cannot help but smile at. She gazes into your eyes for long periods in a way that makes her seem very wise, which

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Tia and Lambington

The recent wet weather left 2 little lambs all alone to fend for themselves. Fortunately, they were found and surrendered into our care. Together Tia and her brother Lambington now have a bright future to look forward to as they leave the dark and stormy days behind them. Tia is a beautiful girl who is

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Teddy and Tahlia

Teddy and Tahlia arrived together. Both lambs were both rejected at 6 days old but by a different mothers. Teddy is one of the prettiest lambs his carer has ever seen. He is quite a lot of fun and a bit clumsy and goofy! If anybody’s going to get their head caught in anything it

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Anna and Tobias

These 2 gorgeous lambs arrived after being attacked by a fox. Although his sister, Anna, recovered quickly from the trauma of the attack, little Tobias struggled at first with his drinking. We are happy to say they are both doing very well now.   Photos: Meg Milde

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Cruz and Clive

Cruz was seen alone, dazed and confused in the middle of a paddock. His rescuer contacted the farmer who happily allowed her to take Cruz into her care. After a day on IV fluids at the vet he then reached LCA. Cruz was treated for PEM. Thiamine deficiency reduces energy availability to the brain, which

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Aurora and Nash

Aurora was one of a triplet so weighed only 3.5 kg when she arrived. Although she struggled latching onto the bottle the first night, by morning she was showing her carer that she wanted her bottle just as much as the bigger lambs. When Nash arrived into care he was so young that he was still

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Nutmeg and Sylvie

Nutmeg arrived with her friend, Sylvie. Nutmeg is very bouncy and full of life. Sylvie is a tiny lamb weighing only 3.1kg but has a big baa! Thankfully for this cute duo, the farmer contacted us about taking them into care when she found them alone in the paddock without their mums. What a great

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On 18 September a terrified young lamb arrived into care. Stevie, a dear little boy, was blind and, understandably so, was incredibly fearful of what was happening to him. His fear was exacerbated by the fact that he was feeling very unwell with a temperature of 41.1. Medication and cooling towels did little to relieve his

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