Help give Jersey her life back!


Poor little Jersey has been through more in her first week of life than anyone should have to endure in a lifetime. Abandoned at birth, alone in a world that does not favour newborn lambs, attacked by a fox then the resulting raging infection her little body has been struggling to overcome. 

If that weren’t enough, Jersey now needs the surgery we all hoped would not be necessary. On Friday morning her leg will be amputated. Her limb has died and is only going to spread toxins through her body, eventually killing her, if not removed. We know that in her fragile state surgery is far from ideal but without it she will certainly die. 

Lamb hypothermia

Vet costs to date have totalled $1400 and have involved blood tests, xrays to her lungs and leg, ongoing glucose treatment, IV antibiotics and expensive overnight hospital stays. Tomorrow’s surgery has been quoted at $2000 making grand total of $3400 excluding post operative costs!

We would welcome any help given to cover the cost of her enormous vet bills. No amount is too small to help give Jersey her life back. 


Thank you for your kindness and support towards Jersey lamb 



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