Felicity’s $5 Friday

Please help this gentle girl to be pain free once again.


Felicity, a beautiful 4-month-old ewe, arrived into care on Tuesday. 8 weeks ago she suffered a fracture to her leg that remained untreated with the damage to the joint and bone now irreparable.  Felicity was not only suffering from the pain of a broken leg but also from an abscess on the same leg larger than we have ever seen. She was immediately taken to our wonderful vets at Seville Veterinary Clinic who saw her without delay. The abscess was drained and strong pain relief was administered, providing perhaps the first relief in 8 weeks from what must surely have been incredible pain.

Next week, once the infection is under control, Felicity will under an amputation and join our growing list of tripod lambs who have gone on to live a happy and pain free life on 3 legs. The surgery will cost $1786.00 so we are asking that you give if you possibly can and help this gentle girl to be once again pain free.


Quote for Felicity’s Surgery

Anaesthetic                                               $400.00
Bandage Application                                  $42.00
Hospitalisation                                            $74.00
Medical Allowance                                   $100.00
Surgery                                                    $1,000.00
Surgical Theatre and Kit Fee                     $65.00
Suture Material Packet                            $105.60

TOTAL                                                      $1,786.00


Fleur and Heidi who both had leg amputations while in the care of LCA and who now live a full and happy life as a tripod sheep.

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